National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

The NDIS rolled out on the Gold Coast, QLD on 1st July, 2018.

The Lakeside Rooms is a registered provider under the NDIS and is available to provide services to participants.

If you have received an NDIS Plan approval letter, you are ready to start accessing supports. Putting your NDIS Plan into action is exciting and it can also be overwhelming. The Lakeside Rooms can assist with Capacity Building Supports in the following categories:

  • Improved Daily Living Skills (CB Daily Living)
  • This support category encompasses Assessment, training, development and/or therapy to assist in the development of, or increase in skills for independence and community participation and therapeutic supports. We can provide psychology or individual counselling.

  • Improved Relationships (CB Daily Living)
  • Intensive behaviour intervention, development and monitoring of management plan. Positive behaviour management strategies, individualised social skills development. We can provide assessment, plans and training for carers and others.
    Therapy Services – Making the NDIS Work for You

  • Support Coordination (Choice & Control)
  • Support connection, coordination of supports, specialist coordination. Assistance to strengthen participant’s ability to connect with informal, mainstream and funded supports, and to increase capacity to maintain support relationships. Resolve service delivery issues and points of crisis. We work closely with you to understand your needs and goals and help you connect to the supports you need in place.
    How to Choose a Support Coordinator

  • Improved Life Choices [Plan Management] (Choice & Control)
  • Financial intermediary- setup costs, training in planning and plan management building financial skills, organisational skills, and enhancing the participant’s ability to direct their supports and/or develop self-management capabilities. We support you in managing your NDIS funds and take care of the time-consuming admin tasks.
    How to Choose a Plan Manager

    You will need to let us know if your NDIS Plan is Self Managed, Plan Managed or Agency Managed (NDIA). We are ready, willing and able to accept all these methods.

    Our NDIS Counsellor, Support Coordinator & Plan Manager

    Clair Sykes

    Clair Sykes

    NDIS Counsellor, Support Coordinator & Plan Manager B.Soc.Sci Dip.Couns Meet Clair: Clair pairs her warm and caring nature with the ability to spring into action and respond to even the most high pressure situation with a grounded, calm and rational...

    If you are just beginning on the journey and need to take the first step, visit the NDIS webiste by clicking on the button below.

    Click here for NDIS website
    Three participant booklets are available to support people with disability and participants throughout their NDIS journey. The booklets are a practical tool to help people with disability, participants, their families, carers and the wider community to learn more about the NDIS, prepare for a planning meeting and to implement their plan.
    The booklets are intended for use throughout a person’s NDIS journey and can be used to record key information, write questions and collect thoughts.
    Click here for access to NDIS Partipant Booklets

    We also have some handy Information Sheets available if you are just getting started:

    An NDIS Guide for Parents in Six Steps
    NDIS Frequently Asked Questions
    Preparing for the NDIS – Your Checklist
    What to expect in your NDIS Planning Meeting
    What are the Options for Manageing my NDIS Funds
    Understanding What’s Reasonable and Necessary
    Getting Plan Management in your NDIS Plan
    Everything You Need to Know About Unregistered NDIS Providers
    Finding the Right Service Providers under NDIS
    Advocacy Information
    Lakeside Rooms NDIS Policies and Procedures: Participants