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The Lakeside Rooms can provide services to NDIS self and plan managed participants.

If you have received an NDIS Plan approval letter, you are ready to start accessing supports. Putting your NDIS Plan into action is exciting and it can also be overwhelming. The Lakeside Rooms can assist with Capacity Building Supports in the following categories:

  • Improved Daily Living Skills (CB Daily Living)

This support category encompasses Assessment, training, development and/or therapy to assist in the development of, or increase in skills for independence and community participation and therapeutic supports. We can provide psychology or individual counselling.

We are ready, willing and able to accept referrals for NDIS Self Managed and Plan Managed clients.

If you are just beginning on the journey and need to take the first step, visit the NDIS website by clicking on the button below.

Click here for NDIS website

Three participant booklets are available to support people with disability and participants throughout their NDIS journey. The booklets are a practical tool to help people with disability, participants, their families, carers and the wider community to learn more about the NDIS, prepare for a planning meeting and to implement their plan.

The booklets are intended for use throughout a person’s NDIS journey and can be used to record key information, write questions and collect thoughts.

Click here for access to NDIS Partipant Booklets