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Essential Ingredients is an informative and skills building Workshop, especially designed for young people aged 12-16 years.

In addition to learning skills that can help them throughout life, children participating in good social skills groups benefit immediately from being understood and accepted by a group of peers. Without this kind of experience children with AS, especially as they enter the teen years, can become anxious and depressed due to their social isolation. Belonging to a compatible group is a great solace and good preventive mental health. Some children may develop friendships with the other members of the group that extend beyond the meetings.

Krasny and colleagues (2003) have identified ten “essential ingredients” to social skills programs for individuals with an ASD. In our Workshop (taking place over 2 Half Days) we aim to cover:
• Greetings and getting to know you
• Identifying emotions
• Identifying facial expressions
• Continuum of emotions
• Tone of voice
• Initiating conversations
• Maintaining conversations: Basic conversational skills & Responding to the emotions of others & Phone skills
• Manners and dinner outing

These topics were chosen because they are the basic, foundational skills needed to have more successful social interactions with others. In addition, these areas are ones that are well addressed in the research literature.

Can be funded by NDIS
Speak to our NDIS Coordinator, Clair, for more information.

How do I join in?

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