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Australian BPD Foundation

The Australian BPD Foundation is dedicated to improving the lives of those impacted by BPD through comprehensive resources and support. One of our core aims is to provide high quality and accessible education and support to individuals with BPD, and their families and carers.

We have meticulously compiled the Queensland Service directory, a highly beneficial guide designed to assist individuals, families, and carers in navigating the landscape of effective services and supports within Queensland. This guide covers a range of essential topics including an overview about BPD, suggested assessment and diagnosis pathways, services and support contact information, and a curated list of relevant crisis and support helplines.

The Queensland services directory serves as a valuable tool for individuals with a new or existing BPD diagnosis, in addition to families and carers, who are seeking a comprehensive overview to help them navigate their next steps. A copy of the Service Directory can be found on our website page