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Jerodine Newman

Bs (Psych), PGDIP (Psych), MEd, Grad DIP (Ed)

“People only seriously consider change when they feel accepted for exactly who they are.” ~ Carl Rogers

Meet Jerodine Newman
Jerodine has a deep passion to help individuals increase self-awareness and acceptance, coping skills, and their sense of belonging. She knows how important relationships are to a person’s contentment and quality of life, and focuses on assisting people to increase their social communication and emotional skills, and critical thinking ability to live a life they desire.

Jerodine takes great pleasure in helping people of all ages explore issues and opportunities during different developmental stages and life-altering times. Her interventions focus on exploring elements in people’s life and lifestyle that are causing them problems, and collaborate with them ways to problem-solve, strengthen their social connections, and prioritise their focus to achieve their goals. She has a keen interest in working with couples and family (extended and blended) and helping them find relief and solutions to relationship-based problems within their family system.

As well as practising as a provisional psychologist, Jerodine is also a qualified teacher in Queensland and has worked in special education before beginning her psychology practice. Jerodine has frequently facilitated conversations between
educators, parents and legal guardians to enhance holistic treatment outcomes for school-age children and adolescents.

How Jerodine can help you:
Jerodine knows how important it is to feel you are listened to. She spends much of her career development in relearning active listening skills to attend to anyone who wants to be listened to. She ensures that her clients feel secure and supported as she encourages them to explore and examine factors that are interfering with their personal, social, and work life. She can assist individuals with difficulties, including cooperation, anger and aggression, anxiety and depression, overcoming fears and conflicting expectations.
To increase holistic and transformative benefits, Jerodine also co-facilitates therapy groups to increase opportunities for people to learn new skills, discover new meanings, and engage with others authentically in a secure, supportive, and social environment.

Areas of Interest:
• Attachment
• Family systems and Relationship-focused Therapy
• Education, functional academics and vocational interests development
• Neurodiversity
• Childhood Development including bullying, impulsivity, and trauma
• Mood and Anxiety on physical and mental wellbeing
• Emotion regulation difficulties
• Healing through group therapy
Jerodine implements evidence-based theories and treatment models such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to address a variety of interpersonal and mental health concerns.

Types of therapy used:
• Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)
• Individual (Adlerian) Psychology
• Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
• Psychodynamic Therapy
• Structural Family Therapy
• Solutions-Focused Therapy
• Narrative Therapy
• Child-Centred Play Therapy
• Motivational Interviewing

She is also available for:
• Assessments of autism, ADHD, academic achievement, cognitive abilities, memory, personality, anxiety and mood disorders.
• Psychological reports for funding or educational support applications.