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Limited bookings available

Increasing numbers of people are accessing mental health services in Australia an Lakeside Rooms have a waiting list for New Patient Referrals.

Lakeside Rooms have been experiencing a high demand for appointments and we currently have limited bookings available with most of our psychologists and psychiatrists.

Some practitioners do not have any appointments available for the 16 to 20 weeks.

If you are an Existing client please check if you have scheduled in your appointments and contact us if needed. We do have a waiting list available, in case cancellations become available.

For New clients you will need to go on a new client waiting list and it may be 16 plus weeks before we re-contact you to offer an appointment. You are of course welcome to stay in contact to check how your referral is progressing.  However if this is too long to wait you may wish to contact your GP for advice on an alternative option.  The websites listed below may be helpful:

Queensland Government: Mental Well Being
Click here to view

Beyond Blue
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