Study Skills Workshop

  • Does your child leave assignments until the night before they are due, causing high stress for everyone in the house?
  • Do they lose their belongings?
  • Does your child forget to use their student diary?
  • Is homework time a stressful time in your house?
  • Does your child perform poorly in exams or get stressed about exams?
  • Is your child unsure how to study effectively?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, read on.

Lakeside Rooms Study Skills Workshop

High school can be challenging for many students. They have to learn to manage timetables; learn to study effectively; manage the stress of exams, understand what they are learning about; and remember materials for school…. let alone fit in with peers and decide on a career.

The ability to study, plan and manage time are skills that can be taught and are valuable in school and in life. These skills are a better predictor of success than intelligence. In fact university students are 6 times more likely to stay in school and will score higher grades if they enrol in a study skills course according to a study in 2009 by Professor Tuckman.

How do I join in?
Next Study Skills group commences Tue 16 Oct 2018 click here for a flyer