Judy Robinson – books are closed

Clinical and Counselling Psychologist / Co-Director
B.A(Hons) Clin. Psych.

We shall be careful. With others and with ourselves”  (Michael Leunig)

Meet Judy:

As co-founder and Director of the Lakeside Rooms Judy offers 30 years of experience mindfully connecting with a broad range of clients, health and wellbeing practitioners and the community. It is human nature; we are born with the capacity for change and growth in the face of life’s challenges. Using effective evidence based Psychological tools to harness this potential Judy works with teams organisations and individuals to provide supervision workshops training psychotherapy counselling and groups. Unconditional positive regard, collaboration and active listening are the cornerstones of her approach. Judy offers face to face skype zoom or telephone sessions.

How Judy can help you:

Judy assists clients to become aware of strengths and barriers, to cultivate inner resources to manage emotions, mood, behaviour and interpersonal challenges, to overcome depression, anxiety, mood disorders and a broad range of concerns. Many clients attend when adjusting to periods of transition, or facing developmental challenges. Judy offers supervision for endorsement and registration as well as to VVCS and other organisations. She also offers training and workshops to support human resource development, providing mindfulness programs and psychological frameworks.

Trained in traditional and non dual approaches to wellness and therapy Judy offers a person centred approach that sees our unique differences in the context of shared humanity. She understands an individual as unique and requiring a personalised approach that draws on the evidence. Mindfulness based approaches are used in working with systems groups and families. Support in times of transition including adolescence, University students, adjusting to the perinatal period, menopause mid life challenges and retirement. Judy has extensive experience in treating Anxiety Depression and other common mental health concerns across all developmental stages. She has a special interest in working with health practitioners and carers.

Types of Therapy used:

• Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
• Family Therapy
• Psychodynamic Therapy
• Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
• Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy
• Compassion Focussed Therapy
• Interpersonal Therapies
• Mediation
• Hakomi Therapy and DBT

Judy is also available for;

• Professional Supervision
• Telehealth

Group Therapy:

A certified MBCT group facilitator Judy facilitates Mindfulness based programs and groups for clients the public and health practitioners.

Judy is the author and facilitator of the Lakeside Beyond Baby Blues group program to support families in the challenges in transitioning in the perinatal period.

She is available to run groups, workshops and trainings on a variety of topics on request.

Professional Associations

A full member of the Australian Psychological Society for over 20 years.

A certified Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy Facilitator, Mediator, Trainer and Supervisor .